A Total Comfort Diagnosis of your Heating and Cooling Equipment, which, consist of outdoor, indoor and ductwork check that is not performed by other companies.
A visit from a certified technician with a base pay according to his knowledge and skills; not commission earned. This way you can be certain that we will not sell you something you don’t need, to justify an inexpensive initial charge.
We are a company that complies with all required certifications by law in order to provide our services in Arizona. We are OSHA certified (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and Avetta certified (previously known as PICS Auditing), which certifies us as a qualified and trusted provider in Air Conditioning, in national and international level for different industries, such as, construction, mining, etc.
We have been issued an Arizona License ROC# 270003, which, may be verified at www.roc.az.gov
Licensed, Bonded and Insured.
You can be sure that we always make an effort to do our best.
Manual J Software – A load calculation required by the City of Tucson in the State of Arizona for new construction and new installations to obtain City permits and if desired by the customer.
We use quality parts that comply with the United States Manufacturers standards. We will always consult with you prior to replacing any part.
We don’t leave residue or abandoned equipment on commercial or residential roofs.
We have a physical address in the city of Tucson where we may be located. Our building has facilities suitable for the good performance of our work; you as a client are ALWAYS WELCOME. Visit us and we will gladly help you!!
Who comes in your home or business? It is our policy to conduct a background check and drug test on our employees.
We also have specialized technicians with skills and knowledge in refrigeration equipment for industrial, restaurants, supermarkets and special buildings.
Our pricing is the same for any service performed within 25 miles of our business location.
Our business vision includes values, which are inculcated to our staff. We care about you as a client and want you to receive a professional, friendly and respectful treatment. We train on a regular basis to update our skills in customer service, new technology, industry and human resources.
The charge for each additional unit on the property is half the price per inspection.
We provide induction courses to customers looking for new equipment, so they know the advantages of home or business high efficiency equipment.
We as a business care for the planet and environment. We recycle metal, old equipment, recover Freon and gases that cause contamination. We sell silent and high efficiency units.
Sell or buy a property with the assurance that your Air Conditioning equipment will not become a nightmare. We provide specialized inspection diagnostics for realtors; which has been inspected by professional property inspectors. Remember that your air conditioning equipment is the only home equipment that gives you a return of investment on your property.
We offer annual service contracts at a preferred price.
Financing available on new equipment.